Here’s something about me…

Here’s some things about me I thought I would share with you all…

  • I go to church (Uniting Church of Australia) and I am a Christian
  • I love my family and friends
  • I work as an administrative officer with the South Australian Government at Domiciliary Care SA
  • I have a really warped sense of humour
  • My favourite SANFL (South Australian National Football League) team is North Adelaide, aka the Roosters
  • My favourite AFL (Australian Football League) team is the Adelaide Football Club, aka the Crows
  • I enjoy watching the cricket and I follow both the Australian Cricket team and the Westend Redbacks (the South Australian Cricket team)
  • I am an animal lover and I hate cruelty to animals
  • If talking was an Olympic sport, I could talk for Australia
  • People call me a good listener
  • I enjoy people watching
  • I learn a lot just by observing people and listening to conversations if I am not actively participating in them
  • I love a spectacular sunrise or sunset that’s filled with vibrant colours
  • I enjoy going to the beach and going for walks along the beach
  • I love gadgets and technology, whether it’s owning them or reading about them
  • I enjoy talking with elderly people, we can learn so much about life and living from them if we just take the time to listen to their stories and what they have to share
  • I’m interested in many causes whether it be different charities, community groups, the underpriviledged, human rights, the environment

This list is to be continued… I can’t tell you all about me in one post, can I???

Thanks for reading


Things I learn…

I’ve learned a lot of things in life. One of the many things I have learned, is that if you have a can of drink that has been shaken or dropped, you just tap the bottom of a drink can several times and the contents in the can will settle so that you can open it. That is all well and good for a regular soft drink but if you tap the bottom of a diet drink… it just doesn’t work and when you do open the can, you end up with soft drink going EVERYWHERE!!!

In future I’m still going to tap the bottom of that can of diet drink but then I’ll be putting the can down somewhere and wait for a while for the contents to settle BEFORE I open that can!

That is something I have learned…


Hello world!

Here I am, I’ve joined the world of blogging finally. I’ve got my “L” Plates firmly attached and I’m learning here as I go.

I’ve been tempted to do some blogging for some time now but there’s trying to work out what sort of blog I want to write, which blogging platform would suit me best, will I be blogging enough to make it all worthwhile.  In the end, I just decided to take the plunge and see what happens, to let the blog find it’s own style.

For anyone who may read this, thank you