What a difference a new coach makes…

The Adelaide Football Club is certainly a different club this year than what they were last year.

Last year the Crows were a team that had lost its way. They struggled to play the whole four quarters of a game, much less actually win a game. The wheels had definitely fallen off and the team resembled something of a train wreck in progress.

The Crows also found out who their supporters were and they found out who their barrackers were as well. For it’s the supporters who are the ones who  continually put their bums on seats at the games week in and week out when their team is going from bad to worse, while the barrackers only put their bums on seats when the team is winning the games and they are the ones who have the cheek to call themselves “supporters”. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a supporter. My backside was still there on my seat (I am a Silver member) at all the home games and I was still cheering them on, even when they were losing another game.

That was last year. This year with a new coach at the helm, the team has found confidence, belief in their ability, a hunger and a toughness that they had seriously lacked last year. This is a team that will get to the finals at the end of the year if they keep what they have started so far this year.

Watching the Crows play a tough game against Geelong last week the players were exhausted when they hit the fourth quarter but they dug down deep and kept playing the game and they won the game.

Watching the Crows play against Carlton today, they played their game and didn’t let Carlton get to them at all. As the game progressed, Carlton was outclassed by the Crows players and Carlton lost by 69 points. Of course Carlton would say they only had 5 days rest and that’s why they weren’t playing their A game. Even if Carlton were playing their A game, I think they still would have lost today’s game with this vastly improved Adelaide Crows team.

Sando and coaching staff, whatever you’re doing with the players at the club, keep doing it! The players are responding to it and they are playing that tough, hard, football they should be playing. The players have a belief in themselves and the other players in the team and everyone is working together as a team. It makes watching this Crows team great to watch!

Bring on Collingwood next week!


Go the Crows!

I’m excited for the 2012 AFL football season and what’s more, I’m really excited about the Adelaide Football Club’s, the Crows,  season ahead.

During the pre-season NAB Cup, the Crows played that well that they won the 2012 Grand Final. It makes me excited for the year ahead.

The last couple of seasons, the Crows haven’t performed as well as they should have. Last season, the Crows were lucky they didn’t finish off the season by receiving the wooden spoon for ending up at  the bottom of the premiership ladder.

The former senior coach of Adelaide Football Club, Neil Craig, was certainly feeling the noose tighten around his neck with each loss the team endured during last season. What happens within the Australian Football League, is that when a team has a series of huge losses, or a team is underperforming during the season, the coach of that team is the one people want to see get fired. It doesn’t matter that he’s not the one out there on the field playing the game, unlike the players who are out there playing and they’re the one’s who should be made accountable but instead it’s the coach that’s made to be accountable on behalf of that team’s underperformance. Craigy certainly was held accountable for the Crows inability to play football last season. The team during the season was seriously depleted due to injuries. Somewhere along the way the team was also suffering from a severe lack of confidence in their ability to play the game.

With the Crows in the bottom 8 and no real chance of getting into the top 8 and the finals, Craigy knew his back was up against the wall. People were wanting him to be sacked as coach, so rather than waiting to be sacked, he resigned as the senior coach with a number of games to go left in the season.

The assistant coach, Mark Bickley  a former Crows player and a former Crows captain, took over as the interim coach of the Crows. Under Bicks, the team did win a few games and it kept them from being the wooden spooners, which  thankfully, the Crows in their 21 years of being a club haven’t “won” yet.

Now under a new Senior Coach, Brenton Sanderson, the Crows have won the 2012 NAB Cup Grand Final. They are off to a great start. I’m excited for the football season ahead. I hope the Crows keep it up for the whole season and get themselves into the finals.

Whatever happens, I know the Adelaide Football Club will certainly do much better than they did last year. With a new senior coach in charge, some new promising players, and of course there’s the experienced players in the team, it’s going to be a great year.

Go the Crows!

That’s my thoughts for now…